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Ashes and Angel Wings

Connor/Wesley Slashers Unite

Ashes and Angel Wings: Connor/Wesley slash
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Welcome to the Wesley/Connor community! We are the few, the proud, the... slightly perverse, who believe that the idea of Wesley with Angel's son is intriguing. Or just plain hot.

Feel free to post Wes/Connor related fic, links or just talk.

There's just a couple of rules:

1. No flaming of other posters.

2. If it's not absolutely clear, this is a slash community, so if you're offended by male/male interaction, best steer clear.

3. Anything up to and including Home, the season 4 finale, is fair game for conversation, so if you're not caught up with the UK and USA you're likely to be spoiled.

Your local friendly mods are doyle_sb4 and moonlettuce. Don't feed them after midnight.
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